Jewels…everything originated from here. The stylist of a prestigious label responsible for the design of the leather items of clothing in the collection came up with the idea of also creating necklaces in the same crocodile skin used for the garments.

But how to realize “pearls” in the real sense of the word?  In crocodile skin, perfect spheres through which to pass silk ribbons to then be placed around the necks of models during the fashion show? Enzo Giannetti, the person at the time responsible for production at the company where he acquired his thirty years of experience succeeded in making into reality that which initially could have appeared to be the folly of a capricious designer.

Immediately following the realization of these precious handcrafted jewels made of crocodile skin, Enzo Giannetti decided to continue his professional path on his own. Though the workshop that Enzo Giannetti opened in 2005 had few people, all possessed the same skills, stubbornness and determination which permitted Enzo to achieve what seemed impossible in everyone else’s eyes.

Today, Enzo Leather Jewels has 15 employees (perhaps best described as artisans, such is their manual skill) in addition to steady collaboration with qualified workshops in close proximity to the company’s headquarters. The company produces about 2000 garments per year, each one produced with careful attention to the smallest details as if it were a “jewel.” Such care and consideration of the product has logically resulted in a customised service, one which is highly valued and appreciated by clients.

There are also distinguished brands who avail themselves of the skills and craftsmanship of Enzo Leather Jewels in the design and production of their own leather collections.

As of January 2013, Enzo Leather Jewels has opened a showroom in the heart of Milan to present its own collections.
It is a functional space where clients can choose the models and leather most suited to their own needs and assemble them in total tranquility, almost as if they were creating exclusive mini collections.